After a career in nursing and healthcare activism, I now spend my time as a full time oil painter. My work not only embodies decades of deep service to others, it reflects the soul of my own human existence and vulnerability.

Methods of destruction, deconstruction and rebuilding create a fusion of diverse, fractured space. Though intuitive abstraction, the work conveys a deepened state of mind imbued with cultural, physical and emotional fragmentation.

Visual inspiration can come from any aspect of life: a shadow, the news, a walk in Prospect Park. It is the physical process of painting, the manipulation of form, color and line that ultimately reveals an unexpected synchronicity.


Roni Sherman Ramos co-founded The Betances Health Center, a primary care facility on the underserved Lower Eastside of Manhattan. It serves the community to this day and reflects her role as a healthcare activist. Ramos is a longstanding member and Co-President of the artist-run Atlantic Gallery in Chelsea, N.Y.C. The gallery has been home to four of her solo exhibitions: Drawn to Abstraction, Color Unbound, Stop Making Sense, Shape of Color.

Ramos is a member of the New York Artists Circle and the Odetta Digital Gallery of the Shim Art Network at She was included in the Master Abstraction Workshop Residencies at Mass MoCA and the Julia and David White Artist Residencies in Costa Rica. If not for COVID-19, she would also have participated in the Arquetopia Residency in Puebla, Mexico.

Her paintings have been shown in Philadelphia, Brooklyn and other New York City venues, and are owned by private collectors. Ramos lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.